Key Words: the earthy aspect of earth; pregnancy; Mother Earth; birth, renewal; harmony.


The Princess of Disk’s rounded abdomen is an indication that she is pregnant. This is the third card for motherhood in this Tarot. (See also The Empress and Queen of Cups.) In a broad sense, she can be interpreted as the mother of a new identity, idea or concept.

She holds a disk in her left hand, whose center is the Chinese symbol for perfect balance: yin/yang. From this center of utter balance blooms the rose of the great mother of fertility, Isis. Yin and yang, male and female, in harmonic balance, provide the proper environment for all realms of our lives to unfold afresh in a balanced way.

The staff in her right hand extends above the border of the painting into the heavens and bears a light-radiating crystal at the other end. This crystal, or diamond, represents the birth of the highest form of light. This bearer of the light has been created in the earth, darkest of all the elements, and now is able to bring light back to the Earth.

The Princess of Disks wears ram horns on her head. These are a sign of entering into something new. He r hair is drawn into two thick braids, and then falls free again. The braid symbolizes the interlacing of three beings (father, mother, child), which brings obligations and commitment. But this interrelationship is not an end in itself. After the necessary time of commitment, the three, like the hair in the painting, are unbound and flow freely.

The Princess’s throne is in a grove of holy trees at the foot of the holy mountains. The earth in which the trees are rooted glows with the sacred yellow light of the spirit, transported from Heaven to Earth through the staff. The trees represent the unifying of spirit with matter. When the new is given birth, the light is brought to Earth. The energy of the cosmos becomes visible through human life and deeds, and that energy impregnates all with its divine quality. The creation which takes place in darkness and stillness will emerge and spread the divine, the light, sharing it once again with the mother who gave it birth.

Indication: Something new is entering your life. Prepare yourself!

Question: What must you do in order to be ready for something new to come into your life?

Suggestion: Meditate a while with the picture of the Princess. Breathe gently, letting your eyes rest on the yin-yang symbol. Then close your eyes and feel the quality of newness now entering your life.

Affirmation: I am now ready for the new beauty in my life.