Ace of Cups – Rider-Waite

Ace of Cups is a card used in Latin suite playing cards. It is the Ace from the suit of Cups. In Tarot, it is part of what card readers call the “Minor Arcana”, and as the first in the suit of Cups, signifies beginnings in the social area and emotional life. Connected with the […]


Key Words: Sun in Capricorn; manifestation; integrity, character. Often power is seen as influence over others. I can bend you at my will. However, within, power is the balancing act of vulnerability and strength, and bending at our own will. The four disks are set in a square representing the four corner towersof a fort. […]

It will be fleeting and possibly light a quick soft kiss

Today’s card; what it’s not. This is a great example of what today’s card means. Here we have the inverted lovers. Usually one would suppose it means quarreling, the opposite of love, but no. It means love but not at total plenitude, it’s diminished.  This is sometimes better than at full force. It can be […]

you can’t stop time, but you can pause the progression of an event by striking a truce

FOUR OF SWORDS – Toth Key Words: Jupiter in Libra; calm, centered; clarity; spiritual cleansing; integration; expansion. The tips of the four swords, all of equal strength, meet at the center of the full-blown rose. Worries have been conquered. The clarity of the Ace of Swords has been regained, the blue color comes through again. […]


Key Words: the airy aspect of earth; mastery of structure, design, architecture; great energy in dealings with the material; unshakable; prudence; meditation; physical activity. The Prince of Disks represents the process of blooming and pollination, symbolized by the many different flowers behind him. He sits in a solidly built chariot pulled by a powerful bull. […]


Key Words: the watery aspect of earth; fruitfulness; physical nourishment; overcoming the barren past. The Queen of Disks has the long hard way through the desert (background of the card) behind her and has arrived in a greener, more fertile land. She rests, sitting on a huge pineapple, enjoying the refreshing oasis, and takes the […]


Key words: the earthy aspect of air; out of the clouds into clarity; victory over moods; rebellion The Princess of Swords represents a fresh intellectual clarity which shakes everything up. She has just demolished the old altar, which explodes, sending clouds of smoke, rubble and ash into the air. When intellectual and spiritual (air) renewal […]


Key Words: the earthly aspect of air; out of the clouds into clarity; victory over moods; rebellion The Princess of Swords represents a fresh intellectual clarity which shakes everything up. She has just demolished the old altar, which explodes, sending clouds of smoke, rubble and ash into the air. When intellectual and spiritual (air) renewal […]


Key Words: the airy aspect of air; intuition, creative thinking; cutting through all entanglements; becoming free of limited ideas and models; clear perception. The Prince of Swords wears tight, webbed, green armor. He is a master of creative ideas, thinking and planning. A prerequisite for being able to think creatively is unrestricted freedom. The creative […]


Key Words: the watery aspect of air; cutting through old masks and roles; clarity; rational, intellectual, logical, objective. Setting aside your masks, renouncing the security offered by playing familiar roles means the voluntary giving-up of habitual defense mechanisms. By using the sword of penetrating insight you come to recognize that the masks you wear not […]


Key Words: the fiery aspect of air; goal-oriented, ambition, flexible intellectual powers; passion, vehemence. The Knight of Swords in his gold-green armor goes hunting, riding at full gallop, the embodiment of his goal-oriented mental activity. He knows where he is bound, and will not rest until he arrives at his destination. He has remarkable powers […]


Key Words: the earth aspect of water; emotional freedom; jealousy conquered; trust in the self. The Princess of Cups is represented as a dancing figure. She is free, not imprisoned by emotions; for a swan, rising above her head, shows the independence and freedom she has gained. She has cast off the bonds of possessiveness […]


Key Words: the watery aspect of water; as above, so below; emotions shown openly; motherhood; emotional integrity. The Queen’s form is enclosed in light-beams, so you only see her if you look closely. He r being cannot be understood intellectually. You must feel and sense it. She is shrouded in mystery and if you wish […]


Key Words: the earthy aspect of fire; being freed from fear; new beginning; optimism; increased perception. The fear is conquered! The Princess of Wands, naked, open, unprotected, has vanquished the tiger of fear (see The Fool). He r staff bears the symbol of the Sun. The feathers on her head indicate her increased perception and […]


Key Words: the fiery aspect of fire; dynamic forward motion; increased insight; coming changes. The Knight of Wands symbolizes the mastery of growth and inner development. In his left hand is the burning torch (see Ace of Wands) with which he burns away all negativity which stands in his way. He has taken on the […]


Key Words: highly discriminating or discerning; open to criticism; critical self-analysis. The central part of the card is enveloped by the stylized body of the star-goddes Nuith. She spreads night over the heavens in order to provide a background for the stars. During the day, she is once again swallowed up by the sun. Her […]

Because sometimes you make it up as you go along – Orquídea’s dream

Orquídea want’s a flower shop. She has one more hurdle to cross. If we look at her cards, we would say they are good. They are great. She has a good foundation early in life, mostly due to her dedicated parents. Most of her battles have passed, but she is wounded. If all goes well, […]


Key Words: Pisces; final testing; wrong turns, illusion; burning off karma; interaction or struggle with the subconscious; threshold to new levels of consciousness. The moon here is the waning moon. It is in the process of diving further and deeper into the darker realms of the soul. It is the time of final, and often […]


Key Words: Aquarius; inspiration, crystallization, self-recognition, radiating, clear vision, trust in the self; connection to universal intelligence. This card represents a beautiful process. Cosmic inspiration of the highest nature is received and made manifest on the material plane. The card is ruled by Aquarius. The medium, or water carrier in this process, is represented by […]


Key Words: Mars; far-reaching inner transformation; healing; the old is destroyed to make room for the new; spiritual renewal; self-knowledge. The power of the consuming, purifying fire destroys the old and sweeps it away. Nothing is spared; the tower of the ego will be shaken to its very foundations. Anything you attempt to cling to […]

VII Wands – Valor

Hard work pays off. That’s what her mother told her. She was also named Orquidea. She passed away ten years ago. She was an employee that rose to become executive housekeeper of a large hotel. Quite an achievement for a woman in her days. Orquidea doesn’t look down on hospitality work, it’s just that her […]


Indications: There may be people who »demonize« you, make you out to be the devil. Meet them with humor and lightness. Accept what Life gives you. Keep your feet on the ground!

XI LUST – Toth

The card is a representation of divine intoxication,


It is a symbol of wholeness, in constant motion yet unchanging in its completeness.


Key Words: Gemini; love, attraction, approaching, connection, union of opposites through Love; becoming conscious through relationship. The card shows the marriage of the Emperor and Empress. The ceremony is performed by the Hermit, one of the forms of the god Mercury. He is completely hidden by his robes to symbolize that the origin of all […]

IV The Emperor – Toth

Aries; pioneer, discoverer, leader, initiator; creative wisdom; great leadership qualities; urge for action, adventurousness, new beginning; fatherhood, authority. The Emperor is portrayed as a crowned man in a majestic gown. The globe with the Maltese Cross (symbol of imperial dignity) represents the unification of wisdom and worldly mastery. His throne, which glows with the fiery […]

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