According to Merriam-Webster, a mistake is to blunder. How?



According to Merriam-Webster, a mistake is to blunder in the choice of, or to misunderstand the meaning or intention of.    It’s getting it wrong.   Is wrong always bad?

I made a non-regrettable mistake the other day. I knew it would be a mistake because the list of consequences made it obvious. They were all negative.

A mistake is done when you believe what you are doing is right and true, even though later you realize you misunderstood the event. To be a true error, you have to believe what you err on at the time.  If you don’t believe it to be true, then it is a lie. A lie has the purpose to deceive, only. An error happens or is done with good faith.

What was happening to me at the time? Did I believe in spite of my list of negative consequences?    –  Yes, I was charmed. Yes, at that moment I believed I could do it. I believed in Yes. Everything would be fine. I was swayed by the moment. I was convinced by desire and want, and good faith.

Shortly after I saw all of those consequences come true. With all these facts in front, it was undeniable I had made a mistake. I had believed it would be one way, and now it wasn’t.  I choose this path believing in my now erroneous assessment. I made a mistake.

However as time passed. I analyzed the situation. Something didn’t fit.  I wasn’t unhappy with the results of my choice. Did I miss the turn, or I am now making that turn in my new direction?

I am glad I took my path. My quality of life is better. I didn’t foresee the experience living through the choice would give me. I realize this adventure created a 2+2=5 situation. The total was much much greater than the simple sum of its parts. All of those undesirable consequences were there.  Those listed individual negative consequences outweighed now by the benefits of the whole. Was this a mistake? My assessment was incorrect but I am happy with the outcome. I would say a non-regrettable mistake.

The outcome of a mistake is not always wrong or undesirable. A mistake is simply a warning. A turn is up the road.  It’s like a way-point on your GPS or the moguls on a ski slope. They are there to turn on. They are there to find your way.



Moguls—Humps of snow created by skiers repeatedly making turns in the same places on the slope.


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