their originals are personal inspiration



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The first two slides are Fong Qi Wei’s work. One can see the influence on the rest of the illustration by Umigna.  Each has a way of capturing the mood and tone of the moment.

“The beauty of photography, in its essence, is conveyed by capturing a moment in time and freezing it out of its context. Singapore-based photographer Fong Qi Wei, however, uses photography to show the passage of time.”

“Illustrator Scott Uminga stacks hundreds of layers to create vibrant landscapes and cityscapes. His geometric style resembles photography by Fong Qi Wei and continues to evolve throughout time.”

“Uminga gets inspiration from a walk on a rainy night, listening to FM-84, playing Final Fantasy XV, or simply looking through a window. Naturally, this leads to Scott experimenting with a lot of different settings and characters which widens the scope of the artist’s work. You just never know what his next image will be about!”


Illustrators have their own process where their originals are personal inspiration.



The Passage of Time Shown in Layered Collages by Fong Qi Wei

Geometric Cityscapes And Landscapes By Illustrator Scott Uminga


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