Inspiration, where does it come from

Inspiration, where does it come from? I find myself inspired by images. I see pictures, and I hear stories. looking at this painting, I can imagine walking in a world that’s fluid, even though it is stone. It moves like quicksand. It’s an inviting world where streets are welcoming labyrinths of alleys between houses and canals, changing shades and shape as you pass by. In truth, it’s no different from the first time in any place. Here’s a trip to town and back to the farm. Enjoy.

The stone bridge

About the Artist

“My name is Aniko Hencz and I have been drawing and painting ever since I could hold a pencil in my hand… During my school years I was taught painting and drawing by some excellent artists, who showed me the first steps in creating art. Most of my works are inspired by nature and personal feelings which end in abstract or conceptual paintings and drawings – it all depends on my mood. My favorite technique is oil, but I also like to paint with acrylic, watercolor and ink.

I had solo and group exhibitions in Hungary and Austria and sold my artworks all over the world.”














Images in order: The Stone bridge, the steep street, the old town, the stairs in the old town, the edge of town, distant house, lavender field and another day on the farm.

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