Once upon a time, our calendars marked 2005. This was the year that Anjunadeep was conceived.

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We’ve heard the deeper, more progressive tunes before on the parent label, but in 2005, it was time for that to get its own place. Anjunadeep has been a mainstay ever since, evolving over time to a worldwide brand associated with the best in deep house and melodica. But turn the clock back 13 years, we had benchmark progressive trance. Here’s what that sounded like! An overview of ANJDEE001 to ANJDEE020.



01. Michael Cassette – Zeppelin [ANJDEE013]
02. Boom Jinx – Too Free To Follow [ANJDEE005]
03. Electrobios & Interplay – With You [ANJDEE018]
04. Jaytech – Headcase [ANJDEE020]
05. Supermodels From Paris – Keep On (Komytea Remix) [ANJDEE004]
06. Leoni & Andrew K – Next To Me (Johan Vermeulen Dub Mix) [ANJDEE016]
07. Joonas Hahmo – Together [ANJDEE011]
08. Maor Levi – Lital [ANJDEE003]
09. Boom Jinx feat. Thomas J. Bergersen – Remember September [ANJDEE009]
10. David West feat. Andreas Hermansson – Larry Mountains 54 (Inkfish Remix) [ANJDEE001]
11. Michael Cassette – Shadow’s Movement (Komytea Remix) [ANJDEE015R]
12. Basic Perspective – Small Step On The Other Side (BP’s Volume Four Rework) [ANJDEE00

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