Fiction Lab Hisham Zahran Labcast 15

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Corporate slave by day, DJ/producer by night: some call it a contradiction yet Hisham believes it’s the best of both worlds. Alongside his brother and production partner Adham Zahran, Hisham has seen consistent releases on labels such as Mood Music, Audio Tonic Records, Brown Eyed Boyz and many more. Equally skilled behind the decks, his gigs have taken him around the globe from Brazil & Mexico to Turkey & The Czech Republic, as well as Serbia and the UAE – playing alongside the likes of King Unique, Dusky, Matthias Meyer, Blondish, DJ T, Tom Budden, Noir and Jody Wisternoff.

His Next Level show on Proton Radio has been a monthly favorite amongst fans for over six years with no sign of slowing down. Listen to any one of Hisham’s collections and you’ll be guaranteed an unforgettable musical journey.

With a residency at Nacelle House Sessions, Cairo’s biggest underground party, Hisham Zahran has carved himself a solid niche within the ever-growing electronic scene.

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