Esteble – Feathers – up beat!

Dutch duo Esteble aka Joep Esseling & Bram Harmsen made their first Anjunadeep appearance with ‘Passage’, the opening track to last Autumn’s iTunes Dance #1 compilation ‘Anjunadeep 07’. ‘Passage’ now sees a release on the pair’s full label debut, the diverse ‘Feathers EP’ featuring four tracks showcasing their intricate composition and deft melodic touch.

The EP opens with ‘Feathers’ a brooding electronic gem, weaving delicate melodies with clever instrumentalism, above a warm textured bassline. ‘Passage’ is a fine example of the duo’s raw organic sound, a skilled soundscape layering soft melodies with natural elements.

Next up ‘The Walk’, an upbeat cinematic groover with as much dynamism as the title would suggest. Closing off the EP ‘Soaring’ is a more dance floor minded production with a stripped back feel combining slick percussive elements with interspersed arpeggios.

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