Solee – Watoto (Original Mix) [Parquet]

Solee (Stuttgart / Germany)

Normen Flaskamp began producing back in the late 90ies but it was in 2006 that his “Solee” alias was born, propelling him to new heights in the house and techno realm. In the same year he decided to take the reins into his own hands and set up his own recordlabel “Parquet Recordings” to disseminate his distinctive take on deep melodic House & Techno. Aside from his own revered imprint, Solee’s productions have graced some of the best-known underground recordlabels in the world: Bedrock, Suara, Noir Music, Sudbeat, Yohitoshi, Einmusika, Kittball only to name a few. Having played across Europe and international hot spots like Miami, Moscow, Tel Aviv, Buenos Aires, New York, Beirut, Melbourne and more, he’s been able to communicate his typical energetic & melodic “Soleesound” to crowds in many different countries all over the world.   

Watoto Children’s Choir is a group of African children choirs based in Kampala, Uganda, at Watoto Church. Each is composed of about eighteen to twenty-two children from Uganda. Watoto means “Children” in Swahili language. Wikipedia

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