Henry Saiz & Tentacle – The Prophetess (Brian Cid Remix) [Natura Sonoris]

80’s synth music is a projective influence for many musicians and the artists on Natura Sonoris next release are no strangers to it bringing a synthtastic original approaching something like sublime beauty.

Henry Saiz & Tentacle bring back this flavor, giving synth advocates something to drool over. ‘The Prophetess’ demonstrates an incomparable ability of crafting perfect atmospheres. Smooth and shimmering synth layering, soft mesmerizing harmonies, nostalgic melody and a floating retro feel that you actually can dance to; and just when you think that’d be it there come more synths…

The release also sets the way for a stunner of a visual album, which is scheduled for a late March release. Prior, the stunning and Internationally shot footage, will be previewed on 16 February as Henry Saiz unleashes his next release, ‘Ghosts’. http://www.deephouseamsterdam.com/london/premiere-henry-saiz-tentacle-prophetess-original-mix/

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