the plot today – Tarot

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Two of Swords

After a difficult night of tossing and turning and wondering what would be, the need to be fair was clear. A strong and determined act if diplomacy would be required. What was at stake was too important, and it would be risky to go through without a clear mind. This time, justice was key.

Knight of Swords

News arrived by mid-morning and it was not what was expected. It was the worst. There had been treachery and deceit. The perpetrator was unmasked and was someone known. It was not easy.  Cruelty needed to end.

Ten of Cups

With goodwill bad news was turned to good news, and an understanding was reached. By afternoon with peace and harmony the villagers admired their homes and enjoyed their families by the colorful light of the sunset. 

This is an easy way to come up with plot and characters, and random if you wish. You can also do a screen a play. The Tarot is a great storyboard.

This article first appeared here.


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