Röyksopp – Shores of Easy

29th August, 2011
Hello everybody! Yup, when you least expect it, we show up like two happy little gnomes. Bearing gifts. Gifts in the form of music. You see, we know we have been away from this place for a while now, but we assure you: new material is being brewed. Just in case, as an apology of sorts, we have chosen to present you with two tracks this time.

To start off, there’s our edit/remix of The Irrepressibles‘ ‘In This Shirt’. Every now and then we make edits/remixes of other people songs – with no other intention than to entertain ourselves and perhaps use them in DJ-sets etc. Somehow word got out that we were making an edit of ‘In This Shirt’, and main-man Jaime of The Irrepressibles was kind enough to send us all separate parts (vocals/ strings etc.) to make the edit even better. We were even given permission to post the remix/edit here on our website for the world to hear, so thanks to The Irrepressibles…

Secondly, we present you with a new Röyksopp track called ‘Shores Of Easy’. As you know, we never want to dictate how our music is being used, but we feel that this time, a small guideline is in place: this track is best served when calm. Thus, if you are so inclined – we feel that this could serve as a perfect soundtrack to that borderline state between being awake and being asleep – the state where everything seems possible.

…aaand just a little note, ‘Shores Of Easy’ has only been performed once (live on “KCRW”) and due to popular demand we’ve decided to put it up here on ‘Track Of The Moment’. The Track, however, is not indicative of things to come… http://royksopp.com/2011/08/track-of-the-moment/

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