Bette Davis & Claude Rains – “Murder” from Deception (1946)

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As a corporate auditor who works in a number of different offices, Jonathan McQuarry (Ewan McGregor) wanders without an anchor among New York’s power brokers. A chance meeting with charismatic lawyer Wyatt Bose (Hugh Jackman) leads to Jonathan’s introduction to The List, an underground sex club. Jonathan begins an affair with a woman known only as S (Michelle Williams), who introduces Jonathan to a world of treachery and murder.

Deception (1946) Official Trailer – Bette Davis, Claude Rains Movie HD

Cellist Karel Novak (Paul Henreid) was presumed to be killed during the war; so his sudden return surprises everyone, especially his lover Christine Radcliffe (Bette Davis). She is overjoyed that he is alive, but their reunion is uneasy, as he suspects that she found someone else in his absence. Still, they quickly marry in an attempt to rebuild their lives. At their wedding, the jealous behavior of Composer Alexander Hollenius (Claude Rains) leads Karel to suspect that he may be the other man.

**Deception is known as the first Bette Davis box office failure with Warner, after almost two decades (1930-40) of several successful films. Before breaking her contract in 1949, she would still make three more movies to the studio, and only June Bride (1948) achieved relative success. The realization of Deception was difficult for the actress who was pregnant and exhausted for having produced and performed the twin of A Stolen Life.

To compound the scenario, she still had a car accident in the middle of production and delayed filming, which generated disagreements with the powerful Jack Warner. Despite having the same cast of Now, Voyager, blockbuster 1942, Deception does not have the same romantic mood. The story centers on a dark love triangle with dialogues that reveal jealousy and insecurities of the tormented protagonists. The music serves only as a backdrop to the bitter conflict and the melancholy end. Claude Rains is the best on the scene, with his powerful voice and sarcastic phrases with double meanings. Bette Davis, with long hair similar to Katharine Hepburn, appears suffered as usual and good dramatic acting side apathetic to, but efficient on cello, Paul Henreid. Mauricio Exenberger4 years ago

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