VII Wands – Valor

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VII Wands – Valor

Hard work pays off. That’s what her mother told her. She was also named Orquidea. She passed away ten years ago. She was an employee that rose to become executive housekeeper of a large hotel. Quite an achievement for a woman in her days. Orquidea doesn’t look down on hospitality work, it’s just that her mother didn’t have the opportunity to open her own business. Orquidea does, she is quick on her feet. Orquidea loves flowers and wants to improve people’s lives, at least for a moment. She wants to enhance those spaces others work so hard to create. She feels it is something she can do. She also likes funeral parlors and wakes. She likes to arrange flowers in chapels. She feels she can add a level of intimacy and respect.  The flower’s aroma is calming to people and they tend to relax. And cry. Viewing rooms, law firms and hotel lobbies are her favorite places to work.

Orquidea can have it, in spite of the odds. The battle is not won, but victory is a strong possibility. If it’s a flower shop she wants. I’d say keep going.

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