Claude Monet. Self Portrait with a Beret, 1886

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Claude Monet.
Self Portrait with a Beret, 1886

Self Portrait with a Beret was painted by Paris-born French Impressionist painter Claude Monet (1840–1926) in 1886, when he was 46 years of age
One of several self-portraits he executed, this oil on canvas portrait was painted while living in Giverny, France, where Monet moved with his second wife in 1883; it measures 56 x 46 cm and is currently housed within a private collection.

Monet depicts himself wearing a black beret and a grey coat over a white shirt, against a predominantly blue background. His gaze is slightly off centre, not quite meeting the viewer’s eye. The left side of his face and forehead is highlighted and there is a distinct twinkle in his eyes, despite the serious expression represented by a slightly furrowed brow.

Fervent strokes of numerous colours represent the creased fabric of the overcoat. Much smaller brushstrokes are used to depict his textured beard, which one can almost imagine reaching out and touching.

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