you can’t stop time, but you can pause the progression of an event by striking a truce


Key Words: Jupiter in Libra; calm, centered; clarity; spiritual cleansing;
integration; expansion.

The tips of the four swords, all of equal strength, meet at the center of the full-blown rose. Worries have been conquered. The clarity of the Ace of Swords has been regained, the blue color comes through again. The yellow-green of spiritual creativity dominates the picture once more.

This is a good atmosphere for the rose of recognition to unfold and expand. Jupiter carries the qualities of joy and expansion. Whatever situation has seemed hopeless until now actually contains within itself all the elements for a fortunate, prosperous solution.

The green cross in the background indicates a complete inner unification; the integration of all four aspects: mind, emotions, body, soul.

A warning is also presented here. Truce does not mean peace. There
may be a surface calm which is only maintained by suppressing feelings
and impulses. Examine very carefully the possibility that disturbing influences are already present, merely hidden for the moment.

By recognizing these in time, you will be able to rob them of their disruptive power.

Indications: You have enough inner clarity to successfully carry out your
plans. Be sure at all times that you feel good about what is happening.

Question: What supports or what hinders your clarity?

Suggestion: Check your surroundings, and rearrange them to support
calm and centeredness.

Affirmation: I am at peace within myself.

Click to access gerd-ziegler-tarot-mirror-of-the-soul-handbook-for-the-aleister-crowley-tarot_1986_scan-ocr.pdf

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