Top 10 Most Iconic Audrey Hepburn & Givenchy Looks

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In 1961, Givenchy designed a little black dress for the opening scene of Blake Edwards‘ romantic comedy, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, where Hepburn plays a leading role alongside actor George Peppard. Her necklace was made by Roger Scemama, a French parurier who designed jewelleries for Givenchy.[6] Audrey took two copies of the dress back to Paramount, but the dresses, which revealed a considerable amount of Audrey’s leg, were not suitable for the movie and the lower half of the dress was redesigned by Edith Head.

The original hand-stitched dress is currently in Givenchy’s private archive, whilst one copy Audrey took back to Paramount is on display at The Museum of Film in Madrid and another was auctioned at Christie’s in December 2006. None of the actual dresses created by Givenchy were used in either the movie or the promotional photography. The movie poster was designed by artist Robert McGinnis, and in Sam Wasson’s book, Fifth Avenue, 5am, he explains that the photos on which he based the poster did not show any leg and that he had added the leg to make the poster more appealing. The actual dresses used in the movie, created by Edith Head, were probably destroyed by Head and Hepburn at Western Costume in California after shooting.[7] Wiki

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