PREMIERE: Weekend Heroes & Dmitry Molosh – Power Plant (Paul Deep Remix) [Beat Boutique]

Release Info

Next up on Beat Boutique, Weekend Heroes join Dmitry Molosh for an all star grooveathon ‘Power Plant’. Isreali duo, Eli and Felix and Belarusian Dmitry may live far apart but their musical output binds them beyond borders. Remixes come from Paul Deep (AR) and Chris Cargo.

In original form, ‘Power Plant’ is a deep excursion into real progressive landscapes. Opening with nuanced sonics adding interest, it’s sparse arrangement gives room for all the elements to breathe. Paul Deep, fresh from his latest release on Sudbeat, stays true to form with an intricate and detailed reimagination full of the main motifs that has buckets of soul. Chis Cargo takes the original ideas in a more uptempo prog trance direction with his incendiary remix that grows in menace and tension throughout before a big melodic payoff.

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