Clawz SG – Xanax (Original Mix)

Ethereal Techno #007 has arrived and is ready to take you on a spherical, mind blowing journey, with a collection of 18 tracks. The album features seven new exclusive tracks, together with some recent Steyoyoke classics.

Representing the Steyoyoke artists are Soul Button, Nick Devon, Clawz SG, EarthLife, Modeplex, Darko Milosevic, Dahu and JOBE, together with new additions such as, Martin Dubiansky, DJ AroZe & biskuwi, Faraday, Tal Fussman & Cruxz, Bonsai & Shades Of Play and Raphael Mader.

Don’t miss your chance to add this staggering 18-track compilation to your Ethereal Techno collection.


  1. Clawz SG – Xanax (Original Mix)
  2. EarthLife – India (Original Mix)
  3. Lost Soul – Maze (Original Mix)
  4. Martin Dubiansky – Element 5 (Original Mix)
  5. DJ AroZe & biskuwi – Dysania (Original Mix)
  6. Darko Milosevic & Nick Devon – Void (Original Mix)
  7. Faraday – Rune (Original Mix)
  8. Modeplex – Soul In Pieces (Original Mix)
  9. Diazar – Sempiternal (Original Mix)
  10. Soul Button – Dissension (Original Mix)
  11. Nick Devon – The Moon (Soul Button Remix)
  12. Tal Fussman & Cruxz – Philosophy (Original Mix)
  13. Whirl – Skania (Original Mix)
  14. Raphael Mader – Lion (Original Mix)
  15. Soul Button – Cadence (Original Mix)
  16. Dahu & JOBE – Inert (Original Mix)
  17. Bonsai & Shades Of Play – Avanti (Original Mix)
  18. Whirl – Atone (Original Mix)

etherealtechno #techno #melodictechno


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