EarthLife – India (Original Mix)

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EarthLife are an Italian duo based out of Ibiza, bringing their first EP, “India” to Steyoyoke. It’s an accessible release packed with 4 strong tracks – balancing heavy beats with the kind of shimmering details that give ‘Ethereal Techno’ its name.

The EP begins with “India”, a steadily evolving track which pairs delicate synths with a compelling rhythm that ebbs and flows. “Color Of Birds” follows, adding a darker and more dynamic element. Multiple layers interact with effects that add intensity to the bass, while maintaining melodies in the higher layers. The third track, “Endless Memory”, takes a more delicate approach. EarthLife take time to create space in this track with a delicate intro, and only minimal synths, letting the production speak for itself. “Horus” closes out the EP, taking the minimal tone of the previous track and evolving these themes to a finale that speaks directly to Ethereal Techno fans.

Overall EarthLife deliver a compelling EP which shows a mastery of tones – the first two tracks focus more on a dancefloor-friendly side of techno, while the second half of the EP brings the delicacy and minimalism. It’s an exciting release for the duo, with hopefully many more to come.


  1. EarthLife – India (Original Mix)
  2. EarthLife – Color Of Birds (Original Mix)
  3. EarthLife – Endless Memory (Original Mix)
  4. EarthLife – Horus (Original Mix)

etherealtechno #techno #deephouse

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