Voices Of Valley – Amalthea (Pisetzky Remix)

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Greek Duo Voices Of Valley presents a transcendental 3-track EP “Amalthea” composed of 2 original tracks and a remix by Pisetzky. Relieving soundscapes, conveying a dark and melodic ambiance, delivering synthetic tunes and ethereal sensations. Close your eyes and listen.

“Amalthea”, the first track of the EP sets a mysterious yet uplifting mood, quickly elevating the listener into a higher state beyond emotions with its fast tempo and delicate synths.
Next, a remix of “Amalthea” by Pisetzky, taking you above the clouds while stimulating your imagination with its colourful sound palette. Voices Of Valley’s final track “Aurora Borealis” is the definition of the calm after a heavy storm, releasing a beautiful rainbow, representing the different shades of melodies in this dark yet energetic track.

“Amalthea” is a sensational and inspiring release showcasing incredible and expressive tunes, an outstanding EP by Voices Of Valley.

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Artist: Voices Of Valley Title: Amalthea Label: Steyoyoke Black Format: Digital Digital Release Date: October 25th, 2019 Cat No: SYYKBLK052

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