WO-CORE – Zelda (Original Mix)

For the 3rd Edition of the Quadrivium EP series, Steyoyoke invites another selection of new artists to share their strongest original track.

Alberth begins the EP with “Zenith”, which starts with a masterful build in tension before falling away to lower frequencies that bounce around the soundscape. A master of restraint, the track is driven forward by subtle changes in bass line, which combines with echoing overtones to leave a lasting impression.
The second track, “Forms” by Rinzen, continues on the minimal theme, with a steady, pared-back mood that shimmers upon the appearance of delicate percussion and synths.
The EP continues with WO – CORE’s “Zelda” – which immediately grabs attention with distorted vocals and a dive into a darker mood. The deeper, more intense point of the EP, this track combines a huge diversity of instruments and effects to a masterful level, keeping a listener always surprised but never overwhelmed.
Senses Of Mind close out the EP with the track “Alanya”, bringing a distinct and contagious energy with unique percussive layers, and hypnotic vocal loops.

This is an impressive showcase of new artists, covering a diverse range of approaches to the techno genre within just four tracks. It makes for a compelling listen and suggests there is a lot more to come from each of these talented producers.

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