Complements you take them when you can, but sometimes, yikes!

I wrote a story some time ago. It was for a project where we had to mimic another author’s style. The sample was repetitive. The character would recite the same statement throughout the narration.

I’d just been to the torture museum in Amsterdam and was still holding the experience in my mind. I came up with the tour guide for the museum. A Tippi Hedren type (Hitchcock’s the birds) in a pale green Chanel and updo, but with Melanie’s (Tippi’s daughter) sweetness. The guide would go about the museum pointing out the advantages between one device and the other, while at the same time mesmerizing the guests with the craftmanship and high-quality components, making extra emphasis on the nonbinding Italian leather. The tour guide would repeat after every description, “but don’t forget your parting gift from the souvenir shop at the end of the tour. “

My sister thought the story funny. She liked it so much she shared it with her oldest son. He apparently found it humorous also, because he rewrote it into a play and with his younger sister presented it at his high school show and tell. To great fanfare, celebration and cheers, he got suspended for three days.

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