Apir – Emphatic [SIAMESE012]

With Apir we are happy to introduce a new name, but yet a familiar producer behind this moniker. Tim Green has been around for quite some time now and just released his well received album on Cocoon Recordings last year.

While Tim Green’s sound is very melodic & playful, Apir has a much more stripped back approach, focused on a certain sound and direction. We felt this was the perfect follow up to our very own ‘X’ EP on Siamese.
‘Emphatic’ has the hallmarks of a Tim Green production, but develops differently than expected. It starts very laid back and the long intro prepares for what follows – a long build to the climax that drops without the typical fanfare or white noise sounds. Tight and snappy percussion kicks in and from here on the track is rolling, putting you in a hypnotic state of mind.

On the flip we find ‘Sync Assist’ taking up the tempo a notch. It’s a bit rougher, with a hint of electro without losing the melodic touch. Both tracks have been regulars in our sets for months now and it’s great to finally share this record with all of you.

We expect to hear more about Apir aka Tim Green in the future.

Adrian & Adrian

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