Maga & Nhii – Sirens of Space (Tim Engelhardt Remix) [Flying Circus]

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Flying Circus Recordings brings together under one umbrella, all the previous musical endeavours from the Audiofly tree-of-thought. Creators, Anthony Middleton and Luca Saporito focus on revealing new artists and music to our ever-growing wave of modern dance music, whilst revisiting old friends and comrades in a constantly-evolving, contemporary musical journey.
Free spirited and of the highest musicality and quality The label is a reflection of their view on life as well as a map of their current musical journey. With past experience in running labels; Supernature and Maison D’etre , Audiofly’s Flying Circus Recordings has quickly become a signature label. With widespread support and solid feedback throughout the scene, it’s no wonder why FCR is praised for its elegant, soul-filled electronic releases.
Watch this space, the best is yet to come!

One of Cologne’s youngest and brightest electronic music stars on the rise, Tim Engelhardt didn’t gatecrash the scene out of leftfield, but started his path to connoisseurship fairly early on: trying to rewrite the piano pieces he had to practice at the tender age of eight, he showed an independent creative mind from the get-go – a character trait that would prove exremely helpful for a later career as electronic music producer. But it was only when Tim later discovered the releases of Cologne techno luminary Robert Babicz that synthesizers and bass drums moved into focus – a brilliant producer, live performer and mastering engineer with a keen sense for sonic detail, Babicz became the perfect role model for young Tim, inspiring our hero to seek out his own place in electronic music while honing a concise understanding for all facets of production.

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