Innellea – Fresia (Original Mix)

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Fresia was a location in the galaxy with a human population.[2] During the Clone Wars, it was represented in the Galactic Senate by Seti Ashgad.[1] Jaldine Gerams was from this world, and joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic when they arrived on Fresia.[2]

The galaxy, as it was commonly referred to, was one of the trillions of galaxies in the universe. The galaxy was a vast composite of over 400 billion estimated stars[1] and over 3.2 million habitable systems[1] orbiting around a super-massive black hole at the heart of the galaxy.[6] The galactic arms rotated around this black hole across a diameter of over 100,000 light-years.[4] It was home to countless sentient species and star systems.

The galaxy would serve as the setting for trade, politics, and war throughout galactic history. In historical memory, the galaxy would see the successive eras of the Galactic RepublicGalactic EmpireNew Republic, among others, and was home to the Force-using orders of the Jedi and Sith.[9]

The Galactic Republic was the Republic of legend, greater than distance or time. Tales of its founding have been occluded by the haze of intervening millennia, and its rebirth a thousand years ago was regarded as the latest evolution in an unending cycle. Like the greatest of trees, however, the Republic’s decline began from within, with a deep rot that was not apparent until it was too late.“―Janyor[src]

Imperius Unitada ober Totallex“―Atrisian Basic motto and name of a propaganda piece, literally translating to “Empire united over all”[src]

The Galactic Empire (19 BBY5 ABY), also known as the First Galactic Empire, the New Order, or simply the Empire, was the fascist galactic government that replaced the Galactic Republic in the aftermath of the Clone Wars.

Freesia is a genus of herbaceous perennial flowering plants in the family Iridaceae, first described as a genus in 1866 by Christian Friedrich Ecklon and named after the German botanist and medical practitioner, Friedrich Freese. Wikipedia

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