she wanted to move to The Colossus – a massive space station

Valentines day

By: Delaney Gillespie

“I have learned of the most interesting custom!”

              Solaria lifted her head to look at her excitable companion. She stretched out one of her antennae, the golden bulb at the end flashing pale blue to indicate curiosity. She gently touched the bulb of her antenna to the top of Nerice’s vibrant purple hand.

              What have you learned? 

              Solaria, of the Talmantri people, possessed no physical mouth. The entire species communicated telepathically through touch. When Solaria announced to her clan that she wanted to move to The Colossus – a massive space station that served as a central trading hub for four different galaxies – they thought she was insane. How would she communicate? How would she withstand the noise of hundreds of verbal species?

              The answer lied in a small chip embedded in Solaria’s brain. She purchased it on her first day on the Colossus. The noise was something she was still adjusting to. Other species were just so loud. Nerice was one of the loudest beings Solaria had ever met but she was too nice to ignore. She was the only one willing to teach Solaria about new things. A friendship quickly formed.  

              “I was talking to a few human traders earlier and they told me all about Valentine’s Day,” Nerice beamed. “It’s a celebration of love! Isn’t that wonderful?”

              I’m not sure I understand. Isn’t love always something to be celebrated?

              “It is,” Nerice nodded, “but the humans have a special day dedicated to it. They buy each other flowers and chocolates. They made sweet picture letters out of paper, glue, and usually glitter. Sometimes they exchange really expensive gifts like gemstones or vehicles. Usually, there is dinner involved but not always.”

              I don’t know what half of those things are. The Talmantri people were nomadic. Often spending years between ports, drifting through open space, nothing went to waste. Finding new things amongst the space junk was a rarity.

              “That’s okay, neither do I,” Nerice shrugged. “But we can figure it out. There’s bound to be something about it in the databases.”

              Who can celebrate?

              “Everyone!” She laughed. “For a long time on Earth, it used to be huge with couples but then friends got more into it. It makes sense if you think about it. There are a bunch of different kinds of love. All of them deserve to be celebrated.”

              Solaria paused to turn the new information over in her head. She retracted her antenna to think in peace. When she was ready to continue the discussion, she touched her antenna bulb to Nerice’s waiting palm.

              More than one celebration can occur?

              “Absolutely,” Nerice beamed. “At least, I don’t see why not. We can do something as friends. You can do something with Tryden later.” She winked.

              The bulbs of Solaria’s antennae flashed bright red at the mention of Tryden. He was the second friend she ever made on the Colossus and he quickly became so much more than that. They’d been joined in a partnership for the past year.

              I would like that very much. But what about you?

              “You know me,” Nerice shrugged. “I’m happy without a partner. I don’t like the idea of being tied to someone.”

              Solaria arched a ridged brow.

              “Not that you’re tied down!” Nerice said quickly. “I simply do not have the emotional capacity for a partner. It’s not uncommon with Qitzen like me.”

              Do our friends know of this Valentine’s custom?

              “Not yet,” Nerice grinned. “But we’re going to tell them.

Delaney Gillespie

I specialize in Romantic Fiction including sub-genres such as Sci-Fi Romance, Paranormal Romance, Contemporary Romance and YA Romance I keep a close eye on ebook market trends to learn what sells and what doesn’t. Creating strong foundations for projects is something I enjoy doing. I’m a thorough, detail-oriented planner who ensures open, honest and consistent communication with my clients.

Produced by: Eugenio Zorrilla.

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