VNTM – Dark Knight (Original Mix)

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“After more than a year of repeatedly teasing an ID that was later called Dark Knight, VNTM is now set to release an EP to complete his outstanding 2019 including the track that made so
many heads turn.

After the track first made its appearance more than a year ago in almost every set of the young Dutchman, it later became a steady anthem in the sets of many renowned artists.Especially the Italian duo Tale Of Us were taking the record to a next level during performances
on Afterlife, Tomorrowland, Awakenings and many more arenas around the world.

“Dark Knight” incorporates a combination of musical elements that are key to VNTM’s signature sound; dark techno kicks and atmospheric elements which form the perfect foundation for the chords and harmonies added. The repeating melody is what strikes most in this record, evolving
into a melancholic and dramatic silence, followed by a heavy impact snare roll to get the energy going on peak level. A true anthem and a perfect closing track for his sets and cherished by many others.

To complete the EP, VNTM picked another track that has been high on demand, premiered by
Tale Of Us at Printworks in 2018: “Demons”. Demons is based upon a dark rolling bass line that makes big rooms move, the later introduced brass sounds feel like they belong to the soundtrack of an ‘apocalypse. This is the perfect B-side that shows a darker side of VNTM’s work yet remaining the melodic touch you would expect.

After gigs like Awakenings, Straf_werk, Afterlife Tomorrowland and Printworks to name a few,
VNTM felt it was time to unleash the record that he used as a closing track to lift crowds to an
ultimate feeling of arousal and ecstasy and to thank every single listener who took part of his
journey that is set out to become even stronger in 2020.”…nal-mix/12865150

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