The communal level of the Colossus was the largest by far

Valentines day

By: Delaney Gillespie


Nerice dragged Solaria across the communal level of the Colossus. They passed more alien species than they could count, with the odd human floating about here and there. Most of the aliens needed special masks to breathe, due to the synthetic environment programed for this level of the space station.

The communal level of the Colossus was the largest by far. Its environment was regulated to the standards the majority of alien life could survive within. However, it was only a slight majority. For those who could not freely roam the communal level without a mask, dedicated levels were provided elsewhere within the station.

Nerice was one of the lucky species that didn’t need an air mask to traverse the space station. Solaria might have been lucky as well, but she didn’t have a mouth. Nerice didn’t know how Solaria breathed. Gills, maybe? Though, Nerice had never looked close enough to tell for sure. It didn’t seem very polite.

Nerice was of the Qitzen people from the far western galaxy of Uurendal. Her people were nothing sort of tech geniuses. Many argue that it was the Qitzen who launched the rest of the galaxies into the modern age. Even human space travel technology had Qitzen roots.

Many Qitzen made their homes on the Colossus space station. They were in charge of continuously upgrading the entire station with the newest tech. All, except Nerice, it would seem. Much to her family’s surprise, she put her many gifts toward a unique passion.

She made music.

She and Solaria arrived at the glittering crystal doors of the most popular night lounge on the Colossus. Everyone who looked upon the glowing neon sign saw different lettering, depending on their native tongues.

It was Nerice’s grandfather that helped design that technology. What really sat above the doors were blank panels. Specialized contact lenses worn by all Colossus residents synched to those panels. The communication between the contacts and the panels dictated what appeared to the reader. Thousands of letters, characters, and symbols were translated and projected every day.  

In regards to that club, everyone who looked at the panels on the marquee read Novalight Lounge in their own language.

Nerice played the club four nights a week. The other three days of the week were spent tinkering with her equipment and experimented with new sounds. She enjoyed figuring out what soundwaves and frequencies appealed to different species. What she enjoyed even more was figuring out which sounds were universally adored. She liked the idea of linking the strangers of the Colossus together through music.

Novalight wasn’t open yet. It wouldn’t be for another few hours. However, it wasn’t deserted.

“We have an idea!” Nerice shouted into the nearly empty space of the main room.

“Is it for tonight’s set?” Lorrik, the light and sound wizard of Novalight said without looking up from his tablet. He was a Laendict, a cousin species to the Qitzen. “If it is, you better tell me now. Once I get these sequences set up, they’re locked in.”

“You designed that software,” Nerice pointed out. “Are you telling me you can’t find a workaround?”

“Won’t. Not can’t,” he smirked.

“Our idea has nothing to do with my set tonight,” Nerice said with a dismissive wave. “I want to celebrate the human tradition of Valentine’s Day.”

 “What?” Lorrik furrowed his brow. His darkly iridescent skin reflected every light in the room.

Solaria and Nerice quickly filled Lorrik and Castra in on the human celebration of love. Before he could finish, Lorrik held up his hand.

“I won’t stop you, but I don’t want any part of that.”

“What?” Now it was Nerice who furrowed her brow. “But it sounds so fun.”

“Not to me. Excuse me. I have work to do.” Without another word, Lorrik strode off to one of Novalight’s back rooms, leaving his friends confused and concerned.

Delaney Gillespie

I specialize in Romantic Fiction including sub-genres such as Sci-Fi Romance, Paranormal Romance, Contemporary Romance and YA Romance I keep a close eye on ebook market trends to learn what sells and what doesn’t. Creating strong foundations for projects is something I enjoy doing. I’m a thorough, detail-oriented planner who ensures open, honest and consistent communication with my clients.

Produced by: Eugenio Zorrilla.

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