Annie’s ex-boyfriend has been harassing

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College life

As James ran down the jetty to the beach to help Annie and Patrick, he was conflicted about how she found the two of them and why she came back. James brought a rope he found on the beach and ran into the shallow water. “Can you guys reach this,” said James. Patrick and Annie were too busy embracing to want to be saved. Patrick yelled to Annie as they were floating in the tides, “what are you doing here. How did you find us”? Annie responded, “I followed you on the beach. I’m here with my friend, Jackie”. James was stilled worried they could drown, so he called the beach lifeguards.

     Two lifeguards went out to get them and were brought back to shore. Annie and Patrick fell on the beach and laid on their backs, looking at the orange and yellow sky. Annie plopped on Patrick and kissed him on the lips. Patrick was exhausted, and Annie was excited. Annie rested her head on his chest, and they laid on the beach for nearly a half an hour, comforting each other.

     Darkness was settling on the beach, guard patrols escorted Jackie, Annie, Patrick, and James off the beach back to the Northside Jetty, where the nightlife was beginning to take off. As they left the jetty, Jackie asked James, “did Annie tackle him off the jetty”? James, “yes, at full speed,” he chuckled. “She loves him, she’s just struggling right now,” said Jackie. James replied, “is it because of Joan”? “Yes,” replied Jackie. “Joan has been struggling with cancer. Also, Annie’s ex-boyfriend has been harassing her”. James, “why hasn’t she told anyone. Patrick has been worried sick that he did something horrible to her when he hasn’t”.

     Annie and Patrick were walking towards the restaurant, “Gen Zen,” a Chinese buffet. Patrick and Annie both loved Chinese beef, pork, and poultry. With the beef peppered, salted, and with soy sauce, it’s a dish they cherish. Patrick asks Annie, “Are you up for some Chinese food”? Annie responded, “you, bet.” Patrick and Annie were about fifty yards ahead of them, walking and holding hands. James yelled, “did you guys mention Chinese food”? Patrick yelled back, “yeah, we did.” James said, “let’s go.” As they continued walking towards Gen Zen, Jackie asked James, “what was Patrick worried about.” James responded, “it wasn’t what he was worried about; it’s about what she told him.” Jackie asked, “what did she say”? “He was controlling, micromanaging, and other things.” “Really, when,”?

     As they approached the Chinese buffet, Annie told Jackie and James, “can you go in and get us a booth, I need to talk to Patrick in private.” James replied, “sure,” looking confused. James and Jackie were confused the most by this situation, but the most confused was Patrick, who thought Annie didn’t like it. Annie said to Patrick, “I’m having a birthday party tomorrow at my dorm hall for my 21st birthday, I want you to be there. I want you to stay the night as well, you can sleep with me, and my roommate won’t mind”. Patrick responded, “won’t I get expelled. Or couldn’t I”. Annie answered, “just don’t tell anyone.” Annie further said, “I want to talk to you about some to the things I said, and I would feel comfortable doing so lying next to you.”

     Patrick responded, “okay.” Patrick was still confused, wondering what triggered her to come back. He was not aware of what Jackie and James had discussed on the jetty. Jackie and James were sitting in the booth inside. James told Jackie, “here’s the thing about Patrick, he’s a loyal, kind, and soft-hearted man. He wouldn’t hurt a fly. It just seems odd that she would go off on him. He’s the type of person, who might come off as weak, but he really isn’t. He’s a values-based person, less so rational. That’s not a bad thing.” Jackie responded, “that’s not bad at all”. As they continued to sit in the booth, Annie and Patrick continued talking outside. Annie asked Patrick, “Can you make it to my party tomorrow night”? Patrick responded, “absolutely, yeah.” Annie proceeded and kissed him on the lips. As she pulled his lips with hers, the kissing went further, and Patrick realized that perhaps Annie did still love him. A few seconds later, Patrick stopped kissing and said, “We should probably go eat now.” Annie said, “oh, yeah, sorry” awkwardly. “Let’s go.”  

Producer:Eugenio Zorrilla.

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