Oh, and it’s so cold, why didn’t I think to bring a jacket?”

Atlantis Rising

By: meldawn9


“I can’t see anything,” said Marjorie, complaining. She wiped her eyes, smudging her makeup.

“Oh, and it’s so cold, why didn’t I think to bring a jacket?” Then George jumped, as he heard other voices nearby.

“Hello?” called out one disembodied voice.

When the light cleared from their eyes they saw how their TTM had turned into a spaceship. It was the same on the inside, but there was a protective outer metal hull, with two wings, an engine in the back, and a thick plastic window to see out of.

“Hey, Tyler, how’d you get in here?” asked Marjorie.

Tyler was sitting on top of George’s lap.

“Get off me!” cried George, dumping his friend on the floor. Fortunately, there was the spaceship’s enclosure, which kept him from falling out into space.

Tyler would have been mad at being treated so roughly, but he was fascinated by the TTM spaceship. “Where are we going?”

“To Atlantis, near its end,” Marjorie said smugly.

“Atlantis? That dead world that no everyone believes is a fantasy?”

“Yep,” said George. He felt a bit guilty that the plans had been set awry. “I’m really sorry about your Dad. I know you really wanted to see him. But we can assure you that we’ll do everything we can once we get home to get you to where you need to be.”

Tyler smiled up at George. “Hey man, no problem. I think I want to see this Atlantis you guys keep on talking about! Dad can wait.”

Marjorie smiled smugly within her mind. She didn’t give a flip whether Tyler saw his Dad or not. In fact, if she could just unload these two passengers, should could do what she wanted! But first, they had to find a landing site…


After Professor Dinsmarck had calmed down – sadly a few items of lab equipment had been destroyed after his three students had taken off in the TTM – he was able to sit down at the lab table and wipe his forehead off.

“Okay, count backwards.” A fellow professor had suggested he count backwards any time he got angry. He chuckled. It must be working because normally he would have trashed at least twenty objects before he’d been able to calm himself down.

Then he heard voices in the hallway. He frantically started cleaning up. The dean of the university had already given him a warning about his anger. He couldn’t let this happen again.

But there was no time to clean, as he needed to use the homing beacon to find out where the kids had gone, because they were only kids after all. Unless they came back in the next ten minutes, which was entirely possible. After all, they only had ten minutes of etherplasma fuel anyway.

He shrugged it off. They’d be fine. He’d be fine. They’d all be fine, right? He grabbed the broom and dustpan.


The spaceship converted back into a TTM and landed on a small ship heading for a small island.

A deckhand nervously looked at the three students as they got off the desk and stool and hopped onto the deck.

“Wow, look at how blue the sea is,” said George. “If we only see this, I am totally amazed and happy.”

Marjorie held up her smart phone and took some pics.

“Hey, thanks for inviting me,” Tyler said to her.

“I didn’t,” she said to him rudely.

He shrugged.

“What is that island called?” asked George.

“It’s Phantasma,” said the deckhand. “I’m heading there to get the last of the inhabitants for transport to the mainland. It’s rumoured that the entire island is going to flood.” He peered at the desk. “That’s some contraption you’ve got there.”

“Yes, it’s like your ship, but a bit different,” George said, confused. Still, it was a wonderful place even if it wasn’t exactly where they wanted to be.

“Say, how can that sailor understand English?” asked Tyler.

Marjorie smugly said, “It’s because of the universal translator from the machine.” Then she saw that George was back on the stool.

“Come on,” he called out. “We have a total of ten minutes and still so much to see!” Marjorie raced back to the TTM. But before Tyler could also jump onboard, she hit the green button and they were on their way.

By: meldawn9

Produced by: Eugenio Zorrilla.

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