Albert walked away to get punch

The Grad

By: Tyler Fahey

“We thought this day would never come, through trials and successes, our son was able to graduate college despite falling and stumbling. He did it”. Jack was praising his son, Albert, after graduating high school, many thought, including Albert, that he would never graduate high school. Albert had severe ADHD; the focus was difficult; also, being incredibly disorganized didn’t help. But, with support systems around him, he managed to achieve his goals.

He graduated with a 3.4 GPA and finished thirty-fifth out of one-hundred and seventeen people in his class. Albert also was able to make friends, even though he was incredibly socially inept. Talking to girls was not a strength of his, in fact, many girls liked him, and most times, he never noticed. Body language was another problem for him, he never knew whether someone wanted him, hated him, or what they were thinking. It leads to anxiety, internal conflict, and resentment.

“Albert, honey, will you come to say high to your grandparents,” asked his mother. “Hi grandma and pa,” Albert responded. He shakes his grandpa’s hand and hugged his grandma. “You came from Oregon to Boston to give me congrats”? “Yes, dear,” responded his grandma. “We are proud of your grandson; we are very proud of you.” Albert walked away to get punch when he noticed a girl walking towards him. Her name was Francis. Francis was in his class and had a liking of him.

Francis often flirted with Albert, but Albert never noticed that she was. “Hi, Albert,” said Francis. “It’s a nice party you have going on here.” “Yeah, it’s nice,” Albert responded. Both of them stood next to each other, staring off into space, and Francis was playing with her hair. “What are your plans after GWT.” GWT was the High School Albert, and Francis went to in top city Boston. “I’m going to Boston College to study high energy physics.” “Wow,” she responded. “What do you plan to do with your degree”? Albert replied, “I plan to take my ideas and plans to the moon, Mars, and perhaps Venus. I want to save the planet from itself”.

“What about you,” asked Albert. “I’m also going to Boston College.” “What are you studying,” replied Albert. Francis was unsure, “I’m not quite sure, but something related to social work and politics.” Francis was hugely interested in political affairs, exceptionally liberal politics. Francis was keen on, perhaps, is the first female President of the United States. Albert asked Francis, “what dorm hall are you staying in.” Francis responded, “I’m staying at Holy Mary Hall.” “Wow, that’s about a block from my place. Maybe we’ll see each other”?

“Can I have your phone number,” Francis randomly asked. “Ah, sure,” Albert responded slightly. “Why do you want my number,” replied Albert. “I want to talk to you silly, perhaps become good friends.” Francis followed by kissing Albert on the cheek. Francis walked away and went to get a punch. Albert’s father, Jack, was watching the whole thing. “What was that all about, Al”? “I don’t know,” responded Albert. “I think she likes me.” Jack replied, “you should send her a text message. Talk to her, don’t wait”. Before he knew it, Francis sent him a text, “Is this Albert. Hi! Read the text. “There you go, son,” responded Jack.  

Author: Tyler Fahey


  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), International Studies, History, and Political Science | Loras College2018 – 2023 (expected)- Presenter and associate of KLCR (Student Radio) – Columnist, editor, and strategist at the Lorian (Student newspaper) – Loras College Environmental Action Forum (LEAF) – Democratic Party… more
  • Associate of Arts (A.A.), Liberal Arts | Kirkwood Community College2015 – 2017- Member of the Phi Theta Kappa – Member of Active Minds – Honors student

Other experiences

  • Working for KLCR – Loras Student Run Radio Show
  • Bio: Student and Journalist who’s been published in the San Francisco Chronicle, Wisconsin State Journal, Des Moines Register, Cedar Rapids Gazette, Thrive Global, and his blog
  • He’s also focusing music, specifically with MIDI controllers and keyboards. He is also interested in documentaries on politics, history, economics, society and culture, and religion and music.

Producer:Eugenio Zorrilla.

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