“Wow, I’m so relieved you came back for me!”

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Atlantis Rising


“Where is this?” George asked in amazement as he stepped off the stool and onto the ground.

“I think it’s still Phantasma,” she said.

“It appears to be an arena or something.” In front of George was a vast structure, with a large oval-shaped bowl that dipped down into the ground, surrounded by tiers of what must be benches. Surrounding the open-air arena were dozens of columns, built from granite.

“Wow, too bad we can’t take in a show,” said Marjorie.

“This is great,” said George.

“Oh, don’t go too far! We still need to head back to Tyler.”

George laughed. “You don’t even like the guy.”

“Now.” She was firm.

So, they hopped back into the TTM and headed back to where they had left him on the ship.


“Wow, I’m so relieved you came back for me!” He glanced hesitantly at Marjorie.

She nonchalantly shrugged. “Well, we couldn’t just leave you behind, you know.”

Tyler hopped onto the desk to sit beside Marjorie, while George manipulated the controls.

“Okay, we have two minutes left. Let’s see how it ends.”

He pressed the button. This time they all remembered to close their eyes from the brightness of the etherplasma.


The trio wandered around the shoreline of Phantasma, or what was the new part of the shoreline. Because by now, they could see how much of the ocean was creeping up over the land. It already covered monuments and stone buildings.

“Back up!” called out a man in the distance.

The three students looked at the man.

“Say, shouldn’t you be on the ship?” asked George. “We just saw the Queen and the last of the residents sail away.”

He shrugged. “No where to go, really. I’ve been stuck here for a very long time.”

“Dad, is that you?” Tyler rushed forward.

The pair looked at each other, before finally hugging.

Marjorie looked worriedly at George.

“How is it possible?” she asked.

He shrugged.


Professor Dinsmarck typed in the last of the commands.

“That’s it kids. You’d better be sitting in that time machine right now, and not strolling around, because I’m bringing it back. And if you’re not in it, then too bad, I don’t care. I need my time machine back for my experiments.”

Professor Dinsmarck had a long chuckle over that. He pressed enter on the keyboard to grab the time machine and bring it back to the present time.

But as he did so, he realized that he really did care about the students. If they didn’t come back, how could he tell their parents what had happened? By now they’d probably used up all the etherplasma and there would be no sending the time machine back to look for them.

He nervously waited while the computer’s software located the time machine and grabbed onto it. He promised the world that he’d learn to control his anger from now on, if only the kids came back safely.


“Dad, why are you here?”

His dad looked angry. “That notorious Professor Dinsmarck sent me here. It was part of one of his experiments. Except, he couldn’t bring me back.”

“Wait a minute, you have your own time travel machine here?”

He nodded. “But its fuel tank is empty, so I can’t get back. And I really have no idea how to make more.”

“You must come back with us,” said Marjorie.

The four of them walked back to the machine, taking in the last of the sights. There were fish swimming all the way up the new edge of the shoreline. They had shimmering blue and purple colours, but had ugly faces. George expected that this type of fish were extinct in the future.

“Okay, let’s get back home,” said George. “I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m feeling kind of tired.”

Marjorie nodded sadly. The trip hadn’t been what she had expected. She felt a bit bad about how she’d acted on this trip.

Tyler and his dad sat on top of the desk, while Marjorie sat on George’s lap without even complaining.

“We have twenty seconds left,” announced George, frantically typing into the computer. “Let’s hope this works, or we’re all doomed to drown to death on what remains of Phantasma or what we erroneously called Atlantis.”

Produced by: Eugenio Zorrilla.

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