“Thank god you’ve returned!”

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Atlantis Rising


Everyone covered their eyes to hide them from the bright light. There was some shaking and rattling that George hadn’t recalled happening before. Perhaps this is what happened when the etherplasma was running low in the tank.

Boy, would Professor Dinsmarck be furious when they returned! It was too bad that they couldn’t have landed somewhere else, but there had been no time to program in a different arrival.

Finally, they had arrived.

They tentatively opened their eyes.

Marjorie hopped off George’s lap and back into the lab from where they had started.

“Thank god you’ve returned!” cried out Professor Dinsmarck. “I thought I had lost you for sure!”

He high-fived George’s palm as he stepped off.

“Say, where is Tyler?”

George and Marjorie panicked when they saw he wasn’t on top of the desk, and neither was his dad.

“But they were right there!” she said.

“They? What do you mean they?” asked Professor Dinsmarck, frantically sitting down at the table to check his laptop.

“We found his Dad back in time. He was coming back with us.”

Professor Dinsmarck curbed his temper. He was going to swear, but stopped himself just in time. “There were four of you?” He took deep breaths. Something had gone wrong after all.

“Yes, Tyler’s dad said that you had sent him back in time and that he had been stuck there. So, he hopped onboard the TTM to come back home.”

Professor Dinsmarck shook his head. “That was a mistake,” he explained. “I didn’t mean for him to intentionally get lost.” He peered up guiltily at the students.

“Oh!” exclaimed Marjorie. “That is why you were working with Tyler, to find his dad!”

“Right,” said George.

“Okay, so, the reason only two of you came back was because I only set the controls to bring three of you back.”

The two students looked at him in confusion.

“But then three of us should have come back, not two!” said Marjorie.

“That’s because they must have been touching. The computer scanner couldn’t find a third person that weighed from 140 pounds to 200 pounds, as their combined weight would have been more. So, they both got left behind.”

He gently closed his laptop. “All my fault. How can you ever forgive me?”

Marjorie nervously laughed. “It’s not like I’ve behaved all that well on this trip.

“Me either,” confessed George. “I helped to steal your time travel machine in the first place.”

Professor Dinsmarck gently opened up his laptop again. He typed in a command.

“Computer says we have ten seconds of etherplasma left. Who’s with me?”

Marjorie and George whooped together, “Let’s go get them!”

The End.

Produced by: Eugenio Zorrilla.

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