“Hey, Sarah, is this the right guy?”

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Sci-fi Assassins 3

Looking from his vantage point, Cole sees his target below. He keeps his distance watching as the target moves about the street and talks to his lackeys. The target starts yelling at them and Cole shifts to the right and begins to hone in.

            “Hey, Sarah, is this the right guy?”

            “Hold on, the scanner is still processing,” he hears the static response. “See if you can get to a better angle.”

            “Well, that seems a little hard to do with the sniper lookout,” Cole says, eyeing the woman in front of him. “Can’t move while she’s there.”

            “Take her out, dingus.”

            Cole chuckles before approaching the lookout from behind. He shoots her with a dart and the gunman falls silently. Cole then maneuvers into the spot she was standing in to get a better look at his target.

            “Is the scanner working now?”

            “Much better,” Sarah’s voice scratches out. “Confirmed Jack Bowlin. But kill him when he’s away from his lackeys.”

            “Copy that, Captain,” Cole adjusts his line of sight and patiently waits for his target to move. He is a good assassin and knows the cost of getting trigger-happy. He’ll stay on the rooftops and wait for the perfect moment to strike before returning to base.

            He doesn’t have to wait long when Bowlin walks away to talk on the phone. Now’s his chance. Cole quickly scales the building and comes up behind his target. He moves to pass him and quickly unsheathes his blade to take Bowlin out without causing a ruckus. A quick slash and the man begins to fall. Cole drags him out of view before ziplining back to the roofs.

            “Mr. Bowlin is taken out, Cap,” he says playfully in his earpiece.

            “Aren’t you a good cookie,” is the smartass reply he receives before being told to return to base. Cole smiles and makes his way across the rooftops before arriving at the black floating cargo ship in port. He slides onto the anchoring rope before making his way to the lowest entrance beneath the crew’s eyesight.

            “What up, Cap,” he says snarikly upon seeing Sarah at the desk.

            “Aren’t you hilarious? I can’t possibly contain my laughter,” she deadpans and continues logging the last mission.

            “I’ll be here all week!”

            Sarah simply rolls her eyes before finishing up her project. Cole moves to sit beside her but falls to the ground with a harsh thud while she laughs uncontrollably.

            “Hey,” he yells before turning to see that Sarah is holding his chair in her hands. “What the hell was that?”

            “April Fool’s,” she guffaws. “It’s our first holiday back on Earth since we went to the academy so it was only fitting to celebrate.”

            Cole rolls his eyes and moves to stand while she hunches over, crying and grabbing at her sides.

            “It hurts, god.”

“Good, you deserve it,” he says with sass before wrenching his chair back and sitting down. “What’s next?”

            “Uh, apparently we have a woman named Lily Nation to take care of,” Sarah replies getting a hold of herself.

            “Lily Nation? Where is she?”

            “She is in the Teather Realm somewhere on an asteroid.” Sarah is plugging away at the computer.


            “You know, with the spaghetti monsters? Donna’s vacationing there.”

            “Oh yeah. Well good, cause I never want to come back to Earth when it’s a holiday.”

            Sarah laughs and begins to move around the cabin. “Coffee?”

            Cole takes it with a smile and immediately spits out the gross liquid (snail slime) he took a sip of.

            “April Fool’s!”

            He groans. It’s gonna be a long day.

Photo: Calgary public Library.

Produced by: Eugenio Zorrilla.


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