The world

Life is Flavorful

By: Saloni Bhatnagar

Almere Stad, Netherlands.

Imagine a world where those in jail are the healthiest, a world where children cannot play outside unless they wear masks. A world where people are suspicious of each other forever and a world where disease is more widespread than gossip. Where social distancing becomes the norm rather than socially mixing.

With the entire world going on a lockdown, we have an opportunity to introspect, to question and to be better.

Corona or no Corona we need to evaluate. Evaluate the cost of greed, gluttony and pride. I would say Gluttony is the worse of all, the never ending greed! I associate it with not only food but also life. Humanity is where it is because of gluttony. We need to control this, we need to control our greed.

This time when we are all alone in our small niches, we need to understand…

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7 thoughts on “The world

    1. Good morning and thank you for your visit and interest. It’s a speculative image of a virus identifying the spikes on the surface of the virus which gives the coronavirus its name, meaning ‘crown’.


      1. Fair enough. I’ve heard of the etymology. I wasn’t sure what it looked like, though, so I couldn’t cross-validate. That’s good to know. I’ll probably double-check elsewhere just to be safe. Thanks for everything!

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