She had something in her hands, a shell of some sort.

Friends at Colossus Massive

By: Delaney Gillespie


              Lorrik found Castra walking around on one of the lower levels of the Central Forum. She had something in her hands, a shell of some sort. She didn’t react to Lorrik’s voice, even though everyone else around her did.

              He hurried down the curving ramps, spiraling down between levels until he reached Castra.

              “Any luck?”

              Castra flinched, taking two clumsy steps back until she hit one of the railings around the market platforms. She fumbled with the iridescent object in her hands, nearly dropping it.

              “You didn’t have to sneak up on me like that,” she snapped.

              Lorrik couldn’t remember ever hearing Castra snap at someone.

              “I called your name,” he said. “Everyone but you heard. What is that thing?”

              Castra clutched it against her chest. “It’s a rare shell from my homeworld. One of my kind is selling them to pay for a home here. Did you have to pay for a home when you arrived?”

              Lorrik shook his head, confused.

              “No, I was given housing upon arrival. I pay for it now, though.”

              “As do I,” she frowned. “When did they stop providing housing to new arrivals? Surely, they have the space.”

              “I’m not sure. I have a friend who works in the customs department. She’ll probably know something.”

              “Or she’ll know someone who does.”

              Suddenly, Castra’s expression shifted. Her eyes widened, and her mouth went tight.

              “What is it?” Lorrik asked.

              “Don’t look over your left shoulder. Elluala is here.”

              He went stock still. He hadn’t spoken to his ex-partner is over a year. He’d done everything in his power to avoid her, which wasn’t hard. She always hated Novalight.

Avoiding her didn’t mean he’d stopped thinking about her.

              Lorrik looked over his shoulder before he could stop himself, right as Elluala looked his way.

              “Lorrik!” A beaming white smile spread across her petal colored face.

              Lorrik tried not to wince. Her eyes still looked like diamonds. Her hair still shone like star-flecked midnight.

              “Hey,” he managed through clenched teeth. “What are you doing here?”

              “Just doing a little shopping. It’s Natika’s birthday next week. What about you?”

              “Um,” he stammered. His mind was a complete blank.

              “He’s also doing a little shopping.” Castra appeared at his side. “He’s just being humble.”

              Castra held up her shell-thing with a smile.

              “How thoughtful is this?” She gushed. “They’re from my homeland and almost impossible to get. He bought it for me the moment he realized what it was.”

              Castra stretched onto her tiptoes and kissed Lorrik’s cheek.

              Lorrik stood there, silent and stunned.

              “How sweet.” Elluala’s diamond eyes turned hard and cold.

              “Isn’t he?” Castra grinned. “Actually, we’re here for another reason, too. You remember our friend Tryden?”


              Lorrik knew that wasn’t true. Elluala spent many nights talking, drinking, and laughing with Tryden and Lorrik.

              “You haven’t seen him here, have you? A bunch of us are looking for him.”

              “I haven’t.”

              “Shame.” Castra stuck out her bottom lip. “If you see him, could you send him our way?”

              “I doubt I’ll see him. It’s a big place.”

              “See why we’re struggling?” Castra laughed. “Well, we won’t keep you from your shopping. Nice running into you.”

              Castra looped her arm through Lorrik’s and swiftly lead him away.

              “What was that?” He asked as soon as they were out of earshot.

              “You can thank me later. I expect she’ll be calling on you within the week.”

By: Delaney Gillespie

I specialize in Romantic Fiction including sub-genres such as Sci-Fi Romance, Paranormal Romance, Contemporary Romance and YA Romance I keep a close eye on ebook market trends to learn what sells and what doesn’t. Creating strong foundations for projects is something I enjoy doing. I’m a thorough, detail-oriented planner who ensures open, honest and consistent communication with my clients.

Produced by: Eugenio Zorrilla

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