Hiking 80 Miles Alone on the Torres Del Paine Trail in Chile

By Kraig Adams.

Hiking video about my trip to Torres del Paine National Park in Chile during early March 2020. The 80 mile trek on the O and W trails took about 6 days. Following the hiking video is a video guide giving you tips and advice on how to hike the Torres Del Paine yourself.

Hike the O and W trails to see beautiful the Patagonian landscape, snowy mountain peaks, massive glacier fields and granite towers. The trail is well organized and is perfect for first time multiple-day trekkers. There are many campsites with multiple sleeping/eating options all along the way.

Getting to the trailhead
Fly into PUQ near Punta Arenas – https://geni.us/D9JA
You could immediately take a $10 bus from the airport to Puerto Natales – https://geni.us/cjpqhB
Niko’s Hostel – https://geni.us/XWkgt0
$10 bus from Puerto Natales to Guardería Laguna – https://geni.us/b9wnGXr
My custom Alltrails map – https://geni.us/0d44q5

Gear in this video
Hyperlite 2400 Southwest Pack – https://geni.us/dKgrXB
Nemo Hornet Tent – https://geni.us/F7vu
Sleeping bag – https://geni.us/9LJUXCB
Liner – https://geni.us/vXn4C
Headlamp – https://geni.us/u5GCgT
Water filter – https://geni.us/8AG1b
Performance nut butter – https://geni.us/wRVb8Bp
Meal to Go – https://geni.us/qOS4Hb
Sunhoodie – https://geni.us/tZF8G
Winter hat – https://geni.us/oTFN
White hat – https://geni.us/GkGR5
Gloves – https://geni.us/wUURIy
Sweater – https://geni.us/HPPbkA
Zip pants – https://geni.us/Bpco7
Marino wool socks – https://geni.us/fnjZmS
Brooks trail runners – https://geni.us/o8GTr
Sunglasses – https://geni.us/4g71Jc
Patagonia Nanopuff – https://geni.us/0Nez7
Sony RX100 IIV camera – https://geni.us/n8tQBp
Carbon fiber tripod – https://geni.us/99g80BG
Phone charger battery – https://geni.us/ULmXg
Camera charger battery – https://geni.us/BloLCE4



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