“If you lose him, we’ll be in big trouble.” “Yeah, yeah. Got it, Chief.”

Sci-fi Assassins 3

By: Parker Randall

San Antonio, Texas.

            “Whoa, what died in here?”

            Sarah chuckled and watched as her target boarded his ship. He was yelling in his pink suit as he walked up the plank.

            “That would be on your fault, mister,” she muttered. “You left the cabin in a mess and I’m sure there’s something rotting in the couch.”

            “But it’s so much easier to blame you,” Cole whined.

            Sarah shook her head and made her way to the edge of the train before blending into the crowd. She waltzed towards the boarding dock of the cargo ship. She huffed as she slowly crawled up the side and jumped onto the deck, leaning in a shadowy corner.

            “ Shit, he disappeared. Nowhere to be seen.”

            “Well, better get a move on,” Cole said over the static. “If you lose him, we’ll be in big trouble.”

            “Yeah, yeah. Got it, Chief.”

            Sarah began to slink around the walls to make her way below deck and see if the target was hiding in a cabin. She moved silently but swiftly pulling her gray flat cap father down to hide her face from the dockworkers. If she was seen and someone alerted pink suit, he would flee and her mission would be busted.

            “What’s the holdup, lady?”

            “Hush up,” she whispered. “I’m going.”

            “Yeah, like a snail.”

            She continued to walk along the upper deck before coming to a set of stairs. She went to walk downstairs but suddenly a door opened and her target showed up. Sarah dove behind the corned and hid in the shadows.

            “Confirmation requested,” she muttered.

            “Finally,” Cole huffed. “ Confirmed to be Jake Phash. Kill away, maestro.”

            Sarah smiled and stayed in the dark waiting for Jake to wrap up with his lackey. The stout man had his back to her and would be very easy to take out but then his lackey would alert the whole ship and get her in a rough spot.

            “Listen to me,” the man in the pink suit said. “I wasn’t you to find out exactly who these jokers are and bring their heads on a platter, damn it.”

            “Yes, sir, Mr. Phash. We’ll find out. I promise.”

            The lackey nodded before moving up the stairwell past Sarah’s spot. She watched him but saw something in his hands that made her gasp.

            “Sarah,” Cole called out. “What’s going on?”

            She shook her head and let out a deep breath. She couldn’t risk talking and alerting her target of her location. She focused on her task at hand and stalked behind her target ignoring Cole over her earpiece. As she came up behind him, she covered his mouth and slid a needle into his back. The man began to fall into her and she dragged him into a cabin. Sarah made her way back up the stairs past the lackey with her cap covering her face after hiding the body.

            “Sarah,” Cole shouted. “I need you talk to me.”

            “She stayed silent until she made it back onto the deck and over the side. As she molded into the crowd to board the train once again, she finally spoke.

            “It’s Phash,” she whispered. “He knows. Or knew.”

            “What are you talking about?”

            “He knew about us,” she said while leaning against the train door. “He had our symbol. He knew before I killed him and told the lackey to find us. We’re in trouble.”

            The line went silent as Cole stopped logging. Sarah glanced over her shoulder to the ship and saw the commotion on deck. She knew his body had been found. And soon, they would be found too.

By: Parker Randall

San Antonio, Texas.

Photo: Calgary public Library.

Produced by: Eugenio Zorrilla.

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