“I don’t know, Sarah. Maybe because the Order isn’t as careful as they like to believe. But trying to fix it is a suicide mission.”

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Sci-fi Assassins 4

“This is where it came from. This is how Phash had our symbol.”

            Cole groaned and leaned his head back on the sofa. Sarah had been on a nonstop mission ever since she got back. Though they have been on other missions with no issues as of yet, she’s been determined to find out how Phash had it and what he knew.

            “Sarah,” he said. “Give it up. We’ve been virtually everywhere else in the universe and nothing bad has happened. Just let it go, it’s over.”

            “No, it isn’t,” she insisted. “If it were over,why is there a ring of people who know about it? Who are spreading the information?”

            Cole sat up and rubbed his face. It was the same argument they had over and over anytime they were in the cabin together. She won’t let it go and he just wants to move past it.

            “I don’t know, Sarah. Maybe because the Order isn’t as careful as they like to believe. But trying to fix it is a suicide mission.”

            “Yeah, I know,” she said solemnly.

            Sarah looked up from the computer and made eye contact. It was the first time in weeks they’ve actually been able to see each other. Sarah had been so caught up in her search she didn’t see the fear in his face. He was terrified.

            “We have to stop it,” she said. “Once we go to this address and find who’s behind it, it’s over. That’ll be it.”

            “Okay,” he replied with a nod. “Then we go.” He stares with panic and determination and she knows he means it.

            “Alright then. We’re going to Earth.”

            “Oh god,” he slumped as Sarah chuckled and re-navigated to their home planet.

            The ride was full of laughter and jovial camaraderie that they hadn’t experienced in a long time. They finally got along and could be in the room for longer than two minutes without fighting. It was like everything was back to normal in face of certain death. They abruptly stopped talking as soon as the ship had stopped.

            “Well, what do you say, partner?” Cole looked at her jokingly with a smug smile. “Ready to go solve this mystery, Sherlock?”

            “Ready as ever,” she laughed. The friends suited up, got their weapons, and made their way to deck. There was a brief pause as they looked over the port where their journey started years ago on their way to the Academy. They survived training together, graduated together, and now they’re going to save their organization together.

            Cole and Sarah locked eyes with one another and smiled. These best friends for life were finally at the end of their journey. With the research Sarah had done, the likelihood of making it out without backup wasn’t high. But if there was anyway for their careers to end, it was in the same place it had started.

            As Sarah looked at him, she saw the boy she grew up next to after her move. The first friend she ever had and the boy who made her laugh. She saw the kid who let her be one of the boys and never ostracized her even when he had the chance to be the cool kid.

            Cole saw the little girl with braces who moved in next door. This was the girl who made him the man he was.

            These best friends looked at each other and saw the same person they had met so many years before. They saw the people they had become and joined hands. No better way for their journey to end than with each other. With a smile, they disembarked for their final mission together.

Photo: Calgary public Library.

Produced by: Eugenio Zorrilla.


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