PREMIERE | Ryan Hill – Accacia (Original Mix)

“Acacia” and “Samsara” are two very special tracks that Ryan hill made over the course of a 6 week stay in hospital towards the end of 2019, which were finalised in studio once he was discharged. The title track “Acacia”, also the name of the ward of the hospital mentioned, is a dark and melodic track filled with layered arpeggio’s, rolling tribal percussion and seductive trance-like hook that carries the track when it’s at its peak. “Samsara”, a buddhist term which means, “the cycle of death and rebirth to which life in the material world is bound”, is a Nu disco influenced roller, and although it’s rich with retro-styled drums and a nostalgic 80’s synths feel, it still manages to stay current and club ready with big leads and a very present rolling baseline, which is constantly present at the forefront of the mix.

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