PREMIERE: Dynacom – The Land Where The Thoughts Are Distant [Auditen Music]

Release Date: 25-05-2020 Release Promo Review Dynacom returns to his Auditen Music imprint presenting the first single from his forthcoming ‘The Land Where The Thoughts Are Distant’ album. Scheduled for release in August, the upcoming months will serve to foreshadow the LP with three singles hitting the shops pre-release. The first is in fact the title track and it finds the Buenos Aires resident crafting a heady progressive groover.

Energetic and fluid from the outset, punchy beats and rippling bass tones unite for a robust low end. Dramatic pulses and timely effects add mightily to it’s rhythmic core, as layers of percussion build momentum with each successive loop. Enticing yet mysterious; ghostly atmospheres, indistinct vocals and hopeful overlays take the narrative into a stunning break, melting down to an emotive reservoir before a tasteful build cues a powerful drop and hypnotic finale. An auspicious prelude which sets the course for what promises to be an excellent debut album from Dynacom. Highly recommended,

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