GORGEOUS Chord Progressions With Secondary Diminished Chords

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There are many ways a song can come to be. Sometimes inspiration strikes and the song comes out of your guitar fully formed. You just need to press “rec” and you are done. Great! But sometimes – in fact most of the times, if we are to be honest – songs don’t come out this simply. In this case we all want to heed the wise advice of sir Paul McCartney: “take a bad song, and make it better”. Start with the ideas you have… and transform them until they sound great. To do that, it’s very useful to know several tricks to transform chord progressions to do your bidding So… what if there was a trick that makes any simple chord progression sound much much better with next to no effort? This trick will make progression made by triads sound ‘more classical’ and any Jazz chord progression sound ‘more jazz’ Would you like to learn it? (Honestly I would be surprised if you said ‘no’) This trick involves a few diminished chords, and knowing how to resolve them – all things that I explain in the video above. If you like this video, share, like, comment & don’t forget to subscribe for more content!

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