“And then there’s the shorter version. One less confusing but also a little less convincing.”

Why the Ocean Waves

“Why does the ocean wave to us?” she asked, with awe-struck eyes and a sense of wonder.

“Well, there’s the long answer. Of which is boring as boring comes. And then there’s the shorter version. One less confusing but also a little less convincing.”

This was an answer Aleandra was familiar with, for her father was a scientist. And as both scientist and father, he was unafraid of blending the roles. The Scientist Father, her friends would call him. Whom all questions he could answer, and all answers could be trusted.

“Let’s start with the shorter version,” she said, “then I’ll decide if I want more.”

With a chuckle and a crooked grin, the Scientist Father got down to work.

“You see, little Aleandra, the ocean is never still. When a boat goes past, or a bird dives down, you will witness the creation of waves, rippling along the horizon. They are created by the movement of energy, causing the water to move as well. Waves are how energy transmits, across the big blue ocean. It can be caused by wind, and that is often the case. Where friction happens between wind and water, something else is formed instead. This something results in a disturbance which, in turn, results in waves.”

Aleandra pouted in disappointment, one hand rubbing her chin with the other supporting the one.

“That’s not very exciting. Is there nothing more to it?”

“Oh, is it not? There’s a lot more I could go on about. But I’m afraid my turn is over. Yours, however, has not been taken. Perhaps there is something you’d like to share, as to why the ocean waves?”

Her father was not patronizing, and that she definitely knew. He had a genuine interest for the thoughts of a child, and his own especially did he desire to hear. For growing up had given him many things. But at the same time, it had took with it others. There is a certain magic in every child. And it was this magic that he enjoyed experiencing.

“Hmm…I can’t decide. But let me start with one of my theories! You see, dad, I always wave, to both friends and strangers alike. I mean to greet them and make them happy, but sometimes they end up not waving back. Perhaps they hadn’t noticed, or thought me to be strange. Either way, they do not wave.

But I’m sure that they wanted to, despite them choosing not to. That’s why their waves go up to heaven, where they are stored as big white clouds. When these clouds eventually get big enough, it then begins to rain. The rain then touches many things, but most, I assume, find their way to the ocean. In these drops of rain are waves, left to rest in the great big blue.

There they stay in their new home, undisturbed and undisturbing. They sleep in their new bed that is the ocean, until the one they were meant for comes to shore. Then they awake and get to action, doing what they were meant to from the start.

So you see, all these waves here, they’re not caused by wind or boats or energy. What they are is what they are, and who they’re for is you and me!”

“That is indeed a likely possibility…one that warms my heart with joy. But you said it’s but one of many. Why else then does the ocean wave?”

“Hmm…there are many many reasons, but let’s go with this one next! You see, dad, there are animals. Birds and cats and fish. Many breeds of different shapes, with different colors and different names. Perhaps in the sea there exists something. Something that is yet unknown!

Maybe it’s a type of bird, who grew sick of the open sky. Or a fox that just got bored of berries, and went to sea to cry. But of all the possibilities, one comes straight into my mind. A skunk embarrassed by its foul smelling farts, who in the ocean hides.

Now, the fishes have no noses, so the smell doesn’t bother them at all. But the smell is so strong that even the ocean falls victim! And that’s why it tastes so weird. And all the food that comes from inside, like oysters and clams and fish, you can’t eat them just as they are, but a lemon must be employed!

So that’s where the smell goes but there’s still the question of gas. Where does all the gas disappear to, you may wonder, for I have yet to answer. Well, some are absorbed by fishes that puff up, but most of it makes it to the surface. Instead of bubbles, they show as waves, that move in the direction in which the skunk had farted. Disgusting, isn’t it? But that’s just how it is!”

“Ugh, little Aleandra, what a mess you’ve made of the ocean! That story’s interesting indeed, although it’ll make me think twice about eating fish. But tell me, little Aleandra, of all the reasons that you have, which is your absolute favorite? Why does the ocean wave?”

“I’m glad you asked! This one’s the best! And it must be this that beats the rest. You see, Dad, everything around us is alive. Not just humans and plants and beasts. The sun wakes up and goes to sleep, and even the earth has a heart beneath. The wind sings a song, so it must be alive, and the sky can even cry!

The ocean is no different, although it mostly keeps to itself. But at the end of the day, it’s still the Earth’s sister. A sister of mysterious depths and beauty. She is the soul of this world that we live in. The giver of life, and a force to be reckoned with.

She can flow over mountains if she’d like, and to the deepest of trenches if she wished. In that sense, she hugs the entire world! But in all her strength and formidable might, it is a gentle embrace that she gives. She lives and she breathes, and drinking her essence helps us do the same. And as every living thing, she would also have a pulse. One that shows itself on the water’s surface, through what we know as waves! Waves that go on forever and ever, as long as the ocean lives.  

This one’s my favorite, and will always be, right till my dying breath. But you don’t have to believe me, Dad, you’re a scientist! And I’m just a child who knows next to nothing.”

“Well on the contrary, young Aleandra, you seem to know the best.”

Looking out into the ocean, he saw the magic that he had missed. Chuckling to himself he whispered, “I guess that’s why the ocean waves.”

Image by Quang Nguyen vinh from Pixabay

Produced by: Eugenio Zorrilla.

Todos los personajes son ficción. Cualquier semejanza con individuos reales, vivos o no, es mera coincidencia.  All characters are fictional. Any resemblance to individuals, real, existing or not, is purely coincidental.

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