A Trip to Infinity II – Mandelbrot Fractal Zoom (Depth 3e2159)

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More calming, more trippy, much deeper, and much longer! (3 hours). This is the sequel to “A Trip to Infinity” the most viewed release on this channel. We zoom to a completely new location in this video which is built with the same colour scheme as the original. Some of you complained about the music in the last version, so I have changed it up, but remember, if its not your thing, please load Spotify and play your own. Please subscribe and share!

By the end, the magnification of the original image is 3e2159. Yes, that is 3 with 2159 zeros after it! To zoom into an image smoothly, you must magnify it exponentially. In this case the magnification doubles every 1.5 seconds. The human mind has great difficulty comprehending exponential. For comparison, the width of the observable universe is about 9e26 meters.

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