The Anjunadeep Edition 310 with CRi


  1. CRi ‘ID’
  2. Jessie Ware ‘Spotlight [Icarus Remix]’ (PMR Records)
  3. Amtrac feat. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs ‘Radical’ (RCA Records)
  4. Ben Böhmer ‘Breathing [CRi Remix]’ (Anjunadeep)
  5. Catching Flies ‘Opals [Andhim Remix]’ (Indigo Soul)
  6. Jean-Michel Blais ‘Blind [CRi Remix]’ (Arts & Crafts)
  7. Prince Noir ‘Infamous’ (Openers Records)
  8. Foals ‘Cafe D’Athens [TSHA Remix]’ (Warner Music)
  9. Beacon ‘Be My Organ [CRi Remix]’ (Ghostly International)
  10. Bernhari ‘Toujours Toujours [CRi Remix]’ (Audiogram)
  11. Gallago ‘Lost Signal’ (Anjunadeep)
  12. Durante & HANA ‘Day Pass’ (Anjunadeep)
  13. CRi feat. Sophia Bel ‘Me and My Friends [CRi Remix]’ (Majestic Records)
  14. Caribou ‘Never Come Back’ (Merge Records)
  15. CRi feat. Jesse Mac Cormack ‘Never Really Get There’ (Anjunadeep)

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