Trance Wax – Alone Again

One of Belfast’s finest musical exports, DJ and producer Garry McCartney has become a prominent figure in the melodic techno world.

Releases on Sasha’s Last Night on Earth, Shall Not Fade, Tusk Wax, Aus and BPitch Control has made him a mainstay of the U.K. house and techno scene, with a recent BBC Radio 1 Hottest Record nod for ‘Ekstac’ from Annie Mac.

While Ejeca soared on the underground scene, it was another passion project that drew Garry’s attention in the studio; Trance Wax.

Growing up in an era where trance and progressive artists Sasha, Chicane and Paul Oakenfold were household pop-music names, Garry was inspired to recut nostalgic rave hits to fit the eclectic environment of modern dance floors.

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