Leufen – Solidity (Original Mix)

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Steyoyoke presents another ravishing EP for the superb Quadrivium series ‘Volume 06’. Introducing three impressive artists who joined the world of ethereal techno with brilliance. Enjoy four original tracks and let yourself go deeper with the magnificent soundscapes and melodies.

Starting off with “Portal” by Jecksel, a powerful and vibrant track generating heavy bass and dark tunes. Next comes “White Heart” by Grammik, portraying an outer space atmosphere with its elevating and euphoric melodies. “Kalopsia”, another original mix by Grammik, comes knocking at your door with its aggressive yet mystical rhythms, picking you up and releasing you into a world of darkness and imagination. Ending Vol. 6 is Leufen’s original mix, “Solidity”. Its brilliant tunes will open you up towards your inner self.

Another electrifying release, delivering ethereal sounds. Once again pushing talented producers to the top with the best sounds.

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