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Steyoyoke Talk – once a month, we have a video interview with a Steyoyoke family member. Topics will range from upcoming projects, hobbies, and daily life, to shed some light and give you a closer look at the artists behind Steyoyoke.
Artist. Strinner, aka Jonny Strinati, is a Manchester based producer with his roots steeped in electronic music. After honing his production skills working as a sound designer, the Strinner project was born a few years ago, with labels quickly warming to his brand of moody and melodic house and techno.
After releases with Be Free Recordings, Salomo, KDB Records and Timeless Moment, his track ‘Continuum’ was picked up by Steyoyoke in early 2018, thus being hammered around the globe by Soul Button. This was subsequently followed up with his ‘Deviation’ EP, which received support from scene heavyweights such as Sasha, John Digweed, Hernan Cattaneo and Animal Trainer.
2019 is already shaping up well, with forthcoming collaborations with Soul Button and Arude, as well as original music, all coming soon on Steyoyoke. Further to this, Strinner was invited to mix #14 in the Steyoyoke Authentic Mix series, which includes his track ‘Coalescence’ and demonstrates his passion not only as a producer but also as a DJ and selector. RA:Strinner.

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