Voices Of Valley – Amalthea (Original Mix)

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Steyoyoke is a collaboration of like-minded people creating music, art, and thrilling experiences. It is the magic that happens when these elements combine.
How and when did Steyoyoke come to life?
Steyoyoke was founded by DJ and music producer, Soul Button. The idea was born in 2012 when he decided to create a record label that would make an imprint on the underground music industry by bringing together some of the most beautiful music and art. The eye-catching cover designs, which has always been synonymous with the label, and the innovation of their very own music genre ‘Ethereal Techno,’ has thrust both the Steyoyoke sound and branding.
What is the vision of Steyoyoke?
Steyoyoke is dedicated and committed to discovering and promoting only the most forward-thinking musicians. This enables the label to remain firmly planted in the underground scene, the ideal environment to continually exceed any boundaries within the industry. Steyoyoke’s mission is to create a nurtured music experience that really understands the heart and soul of good music, and this is upheld by the label’s vanguard approach and constant flow of new projects.
What is Steyoyoke Black and Inner Symphony?
In 2014 Steyoyoke Black was launched, paving the way for Steyoyoke’s first sub label, as well as forging a fresh avenue in welcoming the return of techno. Later in 2017, Inner Symphony, which started as a podcast series from Soul Button, took on a whole new dimension by becoming a record label. Currently, Steyoyoke Recordings is a brand made of the three brands: Steyoyoke, Steyoyoke Black, and Inner Symphony.
Where did the name Steyoyoke come from?
By the beginning of 2012, the concept behind the project was well established; we had yet to find a suitable name. Everything we came up with was already taken. Soul Button, together with a couple of friends, got involved in creating this much-needed label name. They each wrote a syllable down on a separate piece of paper and then passed it around, making sure that the syllable was hidden from view from the next person. This process continued until each piece of paper had 4 syllables written down. The exciting part was to then put all the pieces of paper together to see what word we came up with. They discovered: STE, IO, IO, KE, and their first thought was that it sounded Japanese. Then the suggestion was to change the “IO to YO.” With that simple suggestion, STE.YO.YO.KE was created. www.steyoyoke.com

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